Barefoot Scuba
White sandy beaches & turquoise lagoons that hypnotize you | Shimmering gates of coral that tempt you | Cobalt waters teeming with marine life that enthral you | Experience splendid snorkel trips in the ethereal Emerald Isles. | Make your holiday a most memorable one with Barefoot Scuba!
Treat yourself to fantastic snorkelling on remote locations. Do not mistake us for a regular watersports operator. At Barefoot Scuba, quality matters! We provide the best equipment, multilingual experienced staff, small groups and memories that last forever.
With sound knowledge of the marine life in the Andaman ecosystem and excellent training in emergency first-aid and rescue techniques, our staff is committed to showing you a wonderful time.
Experience the magic of the underwater world as a family. Being child-friendly, your kids too can accompany you on a trip with us and avail of exciting kids special benefits.
Join us on our favourite trips to South Button and Tamarind Camp or Inglis Island and set sail to explore the hidden treasures of the ocean. Allow Barefoot Scuba to show you the Andamans of your dreams.
Snorkeling and Scuba diving are the most popular activities in the Andaman Islands. Snorkeling is an activity that has no real barriers when it comes to age, fitness level or enjoyment. For water enthusiasts who can't swim very well and hence can't do the diving courses, snorkeling is a great way to enjoy the wonderful marine life that the Emerald Isles have to offer. Divers too like to snorkel and free diving can be just as thrilling and amazing.
All you need is a mask & a pair of fins - exploring the underwater world just couldn't be easier or more rewarding. It's really simple, so if you are just a beginner and have never tried it before don't miss this opportunity to get your glimpse of what the underwater world has to offer. Believe us- it will take your breath away!
If you are traveling with your family or as large group of friends, snorkeling is a great activity to enjoy together. Children will be fascinated by the bright colours and the number of fish and adults will be thrilled to discover that such a world exists. Don't be surprised if you book a second or a third day of snorkeling! it sure is a fascinating world down there.
Snorkeling can be breath taking in the Andaman Islands, however please remember that clarity, visibility and marine life are all subject to change with the prevalent weather conditions of that particular day. We can give you the best advice based on experience taking into consideration the tide and the weather; however we cannot predict exactly what you will see underwater or what the visibility is like.
Just in case you are not so lucky with the visibility or the marine life don't be disheartened. Try again on another day, perhaps luck will stay by your side the next time. Please note, each trip will be charged full price irrespective of visibility or marine life encountered.
Barefoot Scuba can offer its guests many packages for snorkeling. From short half day snorkeling excursions to full day snorkeling programs, to chartering your own snorkel boat, we have a whole range of packages to suit your snorkeling needs.
Off Havelock Island, there are many sites at which one can snorkel. As the list is long, we have put down the spots that our snorkelling boats frequent the most by popular demand.