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Are you tired of sitting in front of a laptop all day long and seek a career change? Do you love the ocean and wish to explore its depths on a daily basis during your sabbatical? Then look no further than becoming a PADI Pro! PADI is by far is the largest dive association, representing more than 85% of the dive centres in the world. You will not only have considerable job opportunities, but also benefit from great member support, frequent updates on teaching materials and methods, and an internationally recognised standard of quality and safety.

At Barefoot Scuba, we are dedicated to preparing you for mentoring and teaching in real-life situations by training you in said conditions under the diligent supervision of our instructors.
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As cool as it sounds, the PADI Divemaster title will make people look at you in awe! This is the first professional level course, which will lead you to become a role model and mentor to other divers. This course is also undertaken by people who wish to simply learn scuba diving in-depth (pun intended) and do not necessarily look for a career in this field.


As they say, to teach is to touch a life forever. When it comes to teaching someone how to dive, you will be at the forefront of probably the biggest life-changing event for several people. As a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, you will be qualified to conduct courses all the way up to PADI Divemaster level. A truly fulfilling career will be ahead of you.
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A dive professional would perhaps already know how exciting the PADI speciality courses are. Imagine being able to teach them! The PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating will denote that you have a serious commitment towards teaching a variety of courses to students. It will be particularly appealing for potential employers to read PADI MSDT on your résumé.


Like a PADI Divemaster being a role model and mentor to divers in general, a PADI IDC Staff Instructor is a role model and mentor to instructors in the making. This rating will signify that you have an absolute passion for teaching, and you strive to spread that passion, along with your ways, among newer dive professionals.
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As a PADI Master Scuba Instructor, you will be among the elite educators in the scuba diving industry. This rating will be an indication of your experience and expertise in diving as well as a testimony to your drive to continue developing yourself and others.


The PADI Course Director is the highest rating an instructor can achieve in the PADI hierarchy and indicates a high level of experience in training instructors. A Course Director is among the most respected and influential leaders in the scuba diving industry worldwide.

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