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The instructors at Barefoot Scuba are a bunch of people who live and breathe scuba (pun intended). When we are not diving, we talk about diving, we read about the amazing marine life, we scroll through underwater photos and videos on Instagram, we sit and edit our own underwater photos and videos, and some of us even unconsciously dream about diving while sleeping. Because scuba diving makes such a significant part of our lives, we have loads of stories and information to share with you. Read the blog posts written by various members of our staff and some guests as well.

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Scuba diving is a dynamic and inclusive sport that is enjoyed by everyone. It is a sport that is adapted to the needs of individuals rather than the other way around.

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If you have an affinity with water and a desire to pass your passion on to others, then perhaps you will enjoy making the ocean your office. Let us take you through the 3 straightforward steps to become a professional scuba diver.

Scuba diving course in Andaman Photo by Avi Singh

Are you a diver already or planning on entering the world of diving? Here are 12 ways to become a badass diver who keeps themselves and the environment safe.


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It is chilly when I wake up and I hear the rain outside. Typically, I would snuggle back to sleep. On the island, I get up and yearn for a hot cuppa. I throw on the raincoat and head to the dive shop. It’s a busy morning, as always.


I wanted to study English literature, ended up graduating in Journalism, didn’t become a journalist, worked as a PR professional, ventured into corporate communications, landed in marketing, and today, I refer to myself as a scuba diving instructor. Never in my wild dreams did I think that I would walk this path.

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Are you wondering when you can get back to or discover scuba diving in India and whether it will be safe? If you're a certified diver, you've already been trained to dive prudently.

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A lot of people have been asking me recently about how to get into diving professionally, all of them inspired by the movies, the Instagram profiles of divers, the lifestyle they imagine dive professionals have.


If planning a vacation can be tiresome, planning a dive vacation to a remote island can be overwhelming altogether. We have curated a comprehensive checklist for travelling to the Andaman Islands, for the benefit of divers or tourists visiting to check diving off your bucket list.