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Divers from all corners of the world visit the Andaman Islands for the pristine reefs that are often full of surprises. Fun diving in Havelock presents a chance for exciting dives with manta rays, devil rays, white-tip reef sharks, a variety of groupers, barracudas, turtles, octopuses, and so on. The existing dive sites have proven to amaze and thrill divers of all levels; however, there are areas of undiscovered and un-dived waters that hold much more to be explored, which is something we enjoy doing when we get the time.

As per the regulations in the Andamans, divers over 50 must get a medical clearance for scuba diving.

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Despite being on Indian Standard Time, the sun rises over ourislands at 5 AM. For certified divers, our daily divetrips leave from the dive centre between 7.30 and 8.00 AM on most days. Sometimes we leave earlier for dawn dives, catching the spectacular sunrise over the horizon on the way to the dive sites in Havelock. The dive boats return to the dive centre between 12.30 and 3.30 PM. RO drinking water, some nice black tea, and packed lunch are offered on all 2-tank outings.

Our guided fun diving tours to the selection of dive sites in Ritchie's Archipelago involve thorough dive briefings by the Instructors or Divemasters on the dive plan, safety measures, site conditions, and fauna of the area prior to entering the water. Upon returning to the dive centre, the same dive guides help you log the dives and also discuss the animals that were spotted.