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The world's most popular introduction to scuba diving, this entry-level programme will allow you to experience the magic of being and breathing underwater. Whether are a swimmer or not, PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) is for anyone who has an appetite for adventure and is reasonably healthy.

You can explore the wonderful coral reef and see things you've never seen before. You can feel the amazing weightlessness of the aqua world in a swimming pool and experience senses you’ve never experienced before. The constant supervision and guidance of our PADI-certified Instructors and DSD Leaders will make this the perfect first step of your scuba diving journey.


Anyone aged 10 or over who is medically fit can participate in PADI Discover Scuba Diving. To declare your medical fitness, you must fill out the PADI Medical Form. Do go through it thoroughly before you sign up for the programme, and if you answer ‘yes’ to any question, you should consult a doctor and get a certificate stating that you are medically cleared to dive.

As per the regulations in the Andamans, the age limit for Discover Scuba Diving is 60. Guests over 50 must get a medical clearance for scuba diving.

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It takes about 3-4 hours to complete this experience of a lifetime. Firstly, during the briefing session, your Instructor/DSD Leader will go over the important theory and safety aspects of scuba diving. This is followed by a practice session in shallow water, which is where you will take your first breath underwater!

Once you get comfortable with the scuba equipment and learn to perform basic underwater skills, the Instructor/DSD Leader will take you on an underwater tour of the reef, either from the shore or from the boat as per your choice. The maximum depth you can go down to is 12 metres / 40 feet and your dive time will be 40-45 minutes after the shallow water session. The depth and the dive time, however, depend on your comfort level and air consumption. At Barefoot Scuba, we conduct DSD in 1:1 student-instructor ratio.

Kids over 8 years old can participate in the PADI Bubblemaker program, where they will learn the same basics as a Discover Scuba Diver does and experience scuba diving in 2 metres / 6 feet depth.


Oftentimes, one glimpse of the underwater world is enough to fall in love with it. If you are a swimmer, you can become a certified diver by doing the PADI Open Water Diver course and get a forever licence to keep revisiting the magical realm.