FAQs Hero


  •  I don’t know how to swim. Can I participate in scuba diving?
Non-swimmers can experience the underwater world through the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program. We conduct this program in a 1:1 instructor-student ratio and the instructor will do all the swimming for you. All you need to do is master a few skills and be comfortable breathing with scuba, in which you will be adequately trained in shallow water where you can stand before going for the dive.
  • What is the minimum age for scuba diving?
Kids as young as 8 years can participate in the PADI Bubblemaker program. ? What is the maximum age for scuba diving? Anyone who is medically fit can dive. However, people over 50 years are advised to consult a doctor and get a written medical certificate stating that you are medically fit for scuba diving.
  • I have a minor medical condition. Can I dive?
Only a doctor can determine if a medical condition is minor or major and whether it would get aggravated by the underwater environment. Please consult a doctor and get a medical clearance before diving.
  • I’m a doctor myself, can I sign my medical form?
Unfortunately, only another physician can clear you for diving.
  • How deep can I go?
It depends on your certification level. Discover Scuba Divers can go up to a maximum of 12 metres, while certified divers can go up to 18 metres if Open Water Diver and 30 metres if Advanced Open Water Diver. The recreational diver limit is 40 metres, however, only a Deep Speciality Diver can go down to this depth.